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Health Fact Sheets

Swim Englandā€™s Health Commission group have developed a range of fact sheets on swimming with particular health conditions;




Mental Health

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Skin Conditions

Otitis Externa

To view and download more fact sheets written specifically for people who support or advise swimmers, head to our Health and Wellbeing pages.


Swim England has releasedĀ Guidance on Periods for School Teachers:

For many, the general topic of ā€˜periodsā€™ will be considered taboo and it thereforeĀ presents a barrier to physical activity. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the swimming pool. As school teachers within a swimming environment, we have the opportunity to utilise relationships built in the classroom to break down these barriers.

Learning to swim has a multitude of benefits, from increased safety around water to the positive impact on mental and physical health and wellbeing. Therefore, we have a responsibility to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to participate. In 2022, Women in Sport reported that seven out of every 10 teenage girls would avoid being active when on their period. Pain, fear of leakage, tiredness and self-consciousness were all referred to as significant barriers. We must therefore consider these when promoting the benefits of swimming and structuring our delivery.

Read the full documentĀ HERE.


Safe Supervision

This guidance has been produced for owners and operators of swimming pools in the United
Kingdom who have a duty to ensure the safety of swimming teaching and coaching activities. It is also for those who are responsible for the provision of these services such as schools, swim schools, local authorities, non-profit organisations and commercial management organisations.


Ramadan Activities

During Ramadan you may find that some learners will not be able to
participate in their swimming lesson. Why not give them some activities to
try that are related to the skills you will cover in your upcoming lessons.