CSAT – Customer Satisfaction

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is a measurement used to quantify the degree to which customers are satisfied with a service, product or experience.  A “CSAT score,” refers to the numerical measure of customer satisfaction.

How do we know what our customers feel about our courses and the service we provide?  We ask them!  And, so far this academic year, this is what they said *;

  • Course delivery by the presenter 98.5%
  • Relevance of practical teaching content 97%
  • Relevance of theory session 98%
  • Utilisation of time 95% (wanted more pool time!)
  • Achievement of outcomes 98%
  • Quality of resources/handouts 98%

What is a good CSAT score? 

It varies by industry but in general, a healthy score is between 75-85%, which is good, but … we want to achieve 100% so that you can too;

*  Data collected from BSSP’s Evaluation Forms; April 2022 – December 2022