About Us

With effect from September 2021 our Swimming Team will consist of:
Zoe Coll – Bucks School Swimming Adviser
Georgie Boddy – Bucks School Swimming Trainer
Jane Stevens – Bucks School Swimming Trainer
Sharon Evans –  Bucks School Swimming Administrator
You can reach the Team on 01296 388222 or via email – [email protected]

Following consultation with the Bucks Swim Focus Group and a number of Headteachers in 2020, we took the decision to rename our service and are now the Bucks School Swimming Partnership (BSSP). We feel this is more representative of the partnership work that goes on in Buckinghamshire to support School Swimming.

Since September 2017 (based at Aylesbury High School), we have been delivering all Swim England School Swimming Courses (both statutory within the Bucks Safe Practice in School Swimming Policy and those recommended by the Association of Physical Education).

BSSP in association with Bucks Council (BC) provide Swimming advice and guidance, in line with the Bucks Safe Practice in School Swimming Policy & Guidance 2021, the AfPE Safe Practice in Physical Education Handbook and other national guidance.

For all School Swimming queries, please contact Zoe Coll, Bucks School Swimming Adviser at [email protected]

Buckinghamshire Council (BC) commission BSSP to provide school swimming information, advice and guidance to Buckinghamshire schools on safe practice in swimming, to keep everyone involved in school swimming safe. BC in association with BSSP, produce a Safe Practice in School Swimming Policy which sets out the policies and provide guidance and advice on safe practice in school swimming, whether at a school pool, hydrotherapy pool, public pool or during school visits.

Bucks School Swimming Partnership provides essential school swimming teaching and swimming safety training and qualifications to enable school staff to safely undertake school swimming.

Working in partnership will ensure a consistent joined up approach in the planning and delivery of safe, quality school swimming lessons.