During the lockdown in 2021, Mike Shuff, Managing Director of PALM Academy has been working with Rebecca Witt, Marketing Director of Bluepools Ltd, to develop a programme of Pool Talk Podcasts to encourage the greatest possible use of pools as soon as they open up again.

Some of these podcasts have been technical; some of them have been to promote that fact that not all pools have to be 25m indoor public swimming pools!  The podcasts are released every Tuesday and they can all be found here.  Mandy Carey’s first Podcast presented her views on just how important school swimming pools are, and the place that they have not just in school-life, but in the life of the local community.  Since then, Mandy has returned to participate in Podcast 2 about the Return of School Pools.

Please have a listen.

1. School Pools with Mandy Carey – March 2021

2. The Return of School Pools – June 2021