Safe Practice in School Swimming Policy

This Policy is currently being reviewed.  Any changes are due to national guidance or feedback from the Bucks Swim Focus Group and key partners including schools.  We will update you with any key changes in  the Autumn Term.

All schools and staff in Buckinghamshire are supported in School Swimming through this guidance, whether at a school pool, hydrotherapy pool, public pool or during school visits. Included are policies and procedures of AVTP and Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) based on current national guidance.  The Appendices contain exemplar materials (i.e. NOP; EAP; Risk Assessment) and greater detail on guidance.  

Safe Practice in School Swimming Policy and Guidance 2018 – Part 1 (Word)

Safe Practice in School Swimming Policy & Guidance 2018 – Part 1 (PDF)

Key Revisions to the Policy

For those schools who have their own pools, Part 2, a separate document, contains Technical Guidance on the Management of Swimming Pools and Swimming Pool Plant on School Site.  


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Appendix I – Governor Checklist – This document is not available to download as it is an online form. This is completed every two years and will be sent out automatically by AVTP during 2019-2020.

AfPE Health & Safety Update April 2018 – Changing Areas