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These awards, in line with the National Curriculum requirements, include all areas of aquatics from basic water skills and stroke development to Self-Rescue, Mini Polo and Synchronised Swimming.  Aspects of all of these appear in every award stage.

Why should I use the Swim Star Awards?

In light of the National Curriculum aspects within the awards and owing to the breadth of aquatic activities, the school swimming programme may be planned around the Award Scheme, relevant to pupil ability (stage not age).

How do I use the Awards?

The Awards follow sequentially (Swim Star 1 – 7), but the activities within them can be undertaken in any order.

It should not be used solely as a ‘tick sheet’, but as a useful assessment tool – one which celebrates achievement.

What happens if a pupil cannot achieve the criteria?

The award level of each individual should be relevant to their ability. If a pupil has difficulty in acquiring one of the criteria within an award, this should not hamper their progression onto the next stage award. However, they should be encouraged to continue practicing this skill until achievable, maybe at a later stage.

Where can the Award certificates and assessment tool be found?

The following can be downloaded by clicking on the links and printed off for teachers to use:


The award should help staff to record and disseminate data which could inform parents about pupil progress, particularly in light of the National Curriculum Requirements. For children who swim regularly out of school hours; i.e. swimming lessons or club swimming, the award affords them opportunities to try new skills which they may not have access to.

This is a partnership coordinated approach where pupils, school staff, leisure providers and swimming teachers (where relevant) understand the aims of the school swimming programme and can work together to have fun and successfully achieve in school swimming lessons.


Splash Awards Criteria

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Swim Star Water Safety Criteria

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Buckinghamshire Water Polo Award Criteria

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