Course Flyers

Buckinghamshire Course Flyers

Primary Schools

Stage 1 – Support Teacher of School Swimming (this is a prerequisite of Stage 2)

Stage 2 – Teacher of School Swimming (Stage 1 must be completed first)

Secondary Schools

Stage 2 – Teacher of School Swimming

Special Schools

Supporting Pupils with SEND during School Swimming

Twilight Course for School Staff supporting pupils in the water

Miscellaneous Courses

Refresher Course (must be completed within 5yrs of original qualification)

Rescue Qualifications for Swimming Pools (including School Pools)

COVID -19 – Please see important information from RLSS concerning the expiry of lifesaving qualifications during this lockdown period: 

We understand that renewing qualifications and awards is particularly difficult at this time, however it is worth remembering, everyone will need to be qualified in order to get back to work as quickly as possible, as soon as we are able to do so.  All regulated and non-regulated qualifications (due to expire between 16/03/2020-30/06/2020) will be extended by three months, to support qualification holders through this period of uncertainty. Qualification holders do not need to contact us or apply for this extension, it will automatically be applied to all qualifications.  We will also revisit the length of the extension period, should the COVID-19 restrictions last beyond the revised expiry dates. 

More details about First Aid qualifications from HSE & DfE can be found here:  Where you or your team members are using extended qualifications to provide any form of safety cover or emergency response, it is imperative that additional ongoing competency assessments are used to ensure safety is maintained.

For information on bespoke NRASTC / ATSPRA courses, please contact our accredited trainer, Rob Lloyd of Vale Safety Training –  [email protected]